Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Monday, You Suck.

Well Monday comes but once a week. Usually I would be thrilled to finally reach that day, as it's my day off. But today was different. It started off good enough. Woke up at 9, ate breakfast, watched some tv, went to the store. But then things took a turn for the worse when I decided I needed to lube up my long board bearings. So I bought some "speed cream" from zumies (the only board shop in sandy). I got home and spent the next hour applying the speed cream carefully so that I could get optimal speed. Finally I completed the task and was ready to ride. I found an awesome hill, one that I had never gone down before. It was steep but usually that would be ok as long as there was room to ride it out. Well guess what? There wasn't room to ride it out. So I bailed. And my board kept going. Right into a curb. And before I knew it I was walking home with a busted board and a broken heart. :'(

The photos you see below are graphic, so if you have a weak stomach I would suggest finding another blog to waste your time looking at.

Although I do not put all the blame on you Monday, I do recognize your reputation of being the worst day of the week.

~Just a thought by Brian