Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Real Life Ringer? Naw It's Just Spain.

Here's a story I stumbled across the other day. reports,

"At the 2000 Paralympics Games in Sydney, Spain's basketball team marched to gold. But not long after their triumph, it was found that only two of the 12-man squad had mental disabilities. They were stripped of their medals"

When I first read this I was shocked that someone would actually stoop this low. I was reminded of the movie "The Ringer," played by Johnny Knoxville, where he pretends to be mentally handicapped in the special olympics to win a bet placed by his uncle. Awesome movie btw.

But is it awesome in real life? Maybe. I'm just not seeing 10 normal guys playing with 2 mentally challenged guys as sitcom material though. If I wanted to see that I could go watch any college basketball game. Now if 10 were mentally challenged and 2 were normal, that would be more interesting. It would be kinda like watching the Jazz play.

So no, this was not awesome to do in real life. But upon further research I found this. wikipedia says that "the IPC investigated the claims and found that the required mental tests, which should show that the competitors have an IQ of no more than 70, were not conducted by the Spanish Paralympic Committee."

Of course there were no IQ tests. I think it's common knowledge that all Spaniards have an IQ FAR below 70. So why would anyone even think about testing them?? It's a shame that they were stripped of there gold medals. You wouldn't steal honey from Winnie-the-Pooh. He would maul you to death. Likewise you never steal gold from a Spaniard or they will retaliate... By winning a whopping zero medals...

So today I salute you Spain. Even though no one has ever liked you, you still try. Kinda.

~Just a thought by Brian

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