Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thoughts: In the News

Found this one today. Apparently a kid electrocuted himself in shop class after his teacher said he'd buy him a soda to do it. The shock stopped his heart, sending him to the hospital where he was revived.

The reporter says the teacher stood just feet away from him when he did it. I can't believe what the world is coming to these days. Who would be dumb enough to stand only a few feet away from an electrocution? Does the teacher not realize that the electro current could have arced and passed on to him? I'm sure he would have felt pretty foolish if he was shocked as well, and on top of that he still would have had to buy the kid a soda! I guess that's why he's not a logic teacher. >:]

And what's the deal with this reporter. He's got such a self righteous attitude. Like he's never offered a can of soda to a kid to electrocute himself. Hypocrite. I think we should do a segment called "stuck up news reporter gets sucker punched in the face because he's a hypocrite." "And fat."

~Just a thought by Brian

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